Special Films

projection 1

Rear Type Projection Film

NDFOS rear type Projection film will support remarkable advertising and marketing. This innovation creation has lots of advantages such as space-efficiency, cost saving, and being a real eye-catcher for advertising and marketing etc. of the products & services of your business.

Board 1

Board Film

NDFOS board film supports your presentations and lectures. Any type of pen (marker or chalk) could be used. Our board film is light weight with easy installation and could be used with a projector.

anti fog 2

Anti-Fog Film

  1. Energy cost savings
  2. Easy to install
  3. Available 60'' width

anti scratch


When windows have suffered graffiti by vandals, you need to waste money and effort to replace the windows. When anti-graffiti film is instated in showroom windows the defaced films can be easily removed and replaced with new anti-graffiti films inexpensively. Furthermore, Anti-Graffiti film provides additional benefits, such as improving safety and increasing the durability of glass.


  1. Acrylic removal adhesive – no residue adhesive after removal.
  2. 99% UV protection performance.


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