Our Working Progress

Our working process in 5 steps for installation of sun control Commercial & Residential Window films

We will visit the customer’s location once we are approached. During our visit we will explain our products and provide a solution according to the customer’s needs. Thereafter, we will be taking measurements and also ascertain the working condition of the area where the installation of the Commercial/Residential window film will take place.

Thereafter, a quotation will be issued by GlassGard to the customer informing of the total cost involved, including other charges such as transport etc., if applicable.

Customer needs to confirm the project by issuing a confirmed order and making an advance payment (75% of the total cost).

GlassGard will obtain an appointment from the customer to commence the project and fix the windows.

Once the project is completed and the balance payment is made, GlassGard will proceed to issue a warranty card to the customer, where ever the warranty is applicable.

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