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GlassGard (pvt) Ltd is a company of KleenPark Pvt Ltd who has a reputation of being a window film distributor and installer for the past 25 years in the areas of automotive, residential & commercial buildings. Glassgard has received the privilege of sanctioning itself with vast product knowledge, state-of-the-art facilities, and providing of expert level services that are on par with its supporting company. Its direct link to KleenPark allows the company to perform with the industry experience of two and a half decades, thus ensuring all its current and potential customers of a job well done.

GlassGard currently markets a range of sun control window films manufactured by world renowned NDFOS – A company which started in 1963. For several decades NDFOS has made the satisfying innovation and service needs of customers their first priority and this dedication has enabled them to be specified by more technologically advanced products each year.(www.ndfos.com)

Our professional management team will help you to design a customized solution to select the right type of window film for you specific need. Please call or drop a mail to get our experienced staff to visit your property for a free assessment of your project. Please visit our product page for more information on the range of our window films.

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